30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 22

Hey hey hey hey,

I have a small window to get this guy done, which is a bummer because I’m gonna have to greatly condense this one.

As always if you wanna give this a try you can here: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 22 —You wake up with a key gripped tightly in your hand.  How did you get this key?  What does it lock or unlock?


The man wakes up in a dark room with a key indenting the palm of his hands. He was in haze and unaware of his surroundings. As he stumbles up to his feet a light cascades over a door with a sign on it reading, “A Second Chance.” The man examines his surroundings and notices a light glistening off a window off to the side. This glare from the window pulls him in as he stumbles towards it.

Through the window he could see a woman giving birth as the scene goes dark. He steps back and another window lights up. This window presented a child eating a cake on seemingly his birthday and mimic’ing it’s predecessor it went dark. He proceeded to follow this wall of windows documenting this child’s life. He peered through the windows with a smile on his face watching this happy child grow and get older. He watched him learn to ride a bike. He watched him play catch with his father. Then finally he watched his first kiss with his girlfriend. He watched them smile and grow together as they finally had a child. Then he watched things change.

He peered through the window as the stress of the child caused them to argue. He watched the man crying over bills. He watched as the man’s wife screamed at him and left the house. He watched a broken man alone. He watched through the windows as glass bottles of alcohol became an extension of the man’s mouth. Until he finally watched the man pick up a gun and hold it his head.

He panicked and slammed his fist against the window pleading for the man to not pull the trigger until the scene goes black and he hears the ricochet of a bullet echo through the room. He felt hot blood roll down his cheek and saturate his shirt. He grabbed his head to feel a giant hole with a crimson waterfall rolling over his face.

Tears and blood rolled down his cheek as he looked down at the key.

He looked up at the door and read the sign again.

“A Second Chance”

He placed the key in the door and opened it as he was engulfed in a light.

He could see a doctor standing over him and his ex-wife was crying in the corner. He cried out, “I don’t want to die!” No one responded. He tried to get up and just couldn’t move. He looked in his ex-wife’s eyes as a tear rolls down his face. “I miss you!” he yelled. She didn’t respond. He realized his mouth wasn’t opening. The doctor looked at him and through a sadden tone stated, “We are happy you are awake, but things are going to be different now. You may have limited functions and we are projecting full paralysis. We are going to have to keep you on fluids and your family will have to take care of you as all you can do now is look. You lost significant brain function, but we may be able to restore some talking with time. I’m sorry.”


Cheers! (I hate that I had to shorten this, but I just don’t have time today to write this all the way out)




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