30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 19

Hey hey hey,

Are you ready for another blog that’s all about me? No? Me neither.

As always if you wanna join along you can so right up in hurr: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 19 —Write a list of 25 (or just 5!) things you want to do in your life.


This one I’ll have to pick 5, mainly because 25 is way too many. Really there isn’t like 25 things I’m dying to do anyhow. I’m kinda boring like that, plus, I try to do cool stuff when I can anyhow.

5) Continue traveling more. Moving to New Zealand has kinda given me the bug. I wanna see London, Ireland, The Himalayas, Japan, and maybe Venice.

4) I’ve part of the way accomplished this one, but work a full Pro Wrestling match. I had a chance to do a little bit of training and play around in a wrestling ring (Which was both super painful but yet a lot of fun). But the child in me wants to work a full match before I die. RIP Macho Man ( Ooooooh Yeaaaaaaah)

3) I’ll lump these together, but both surfing and snowboarding are bucket list things for me. Ever since I saw Lilo and Stitch as a tiny human, I’ve wanted to try surfing. Being on an island I’m sure I’ll get the chance (It’s winter now over here sadly and it’s too cold at the moment)

2) Find a career that makes me not wanna shoot myself in the face. I’ve worked a fair amount of jobs and nothing has really been appealing to me. I kind of have that internal mega fear of, “I’m too old to still be finding myself?” I mean I’m only 27 but I have like no clear career trajectory and it terrifies me. I just don’t wanna be one of those people who works like 20 years for a company and is fucking miserable. I wanna live comfortably doing something I enjoy, I just don’t know what that is yet.

1) Write something that can get published or create something that people find enjoyable or entertaining. Wether it be this blog, a comic, a book, or a screenplay, I just have a dream of writing a story that makes it too the public and has some level of success. I know this one is a long shot because about a billion people have the same dream, but it’s something I’ve always wanted.



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