30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 17

Hey hey,

I survived a full night of working at a bar and I get to do it again tonight! (Dead on the inside.) So, this following prompt should be an easy one to write about.

As always if you wanna force yourself to write everyday for a month you can so here: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 17 — Write a short scenario set in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant.

Fatty fat

They had just finished the dinner rush McLardLand (The finest Fast Food establishment in all of America). Hundreds upon hundreds of people piled in and ordered as many, “Double Lard’y Burgers” as they could, as was a typical night here. They constantly stayed busy which stressed out the staff, but that’s how life went.

Ronald, the kitchen manager, was finally getting to start his closing of the store process and was cleaning the kitchen when it happened. The tranquility of it being only 10 minutes until the restaurant closing was nothing but the calm before the storm. Ronald went to dip his cleaning cloth into his bucket of water’y cleaning soup (or his bucket of hot water and cheap cleaning compounds) as he noticed ripples starting to break the surface of the water. The ground started to tremble as the remaining staff went still. They were utilizing the Jurassic Park method of Customer Service in, “Maybe if we don’t move the Customer won’t see us and just leave.” Alas, they were not successful as the largest man they have ever seen blobbed his way through the front doors.

“Are y’all about too close?” grumbled the heafty behemoth of a man, as he proceeded to sign some sort of waiver that was laid out on the counter. Ronald came out of the back, “We are about to close, but we would be more than happy to take your order” Stated Ronald in a friendly tone, although on the inside he was imagining himself doing a series of Jackie Chan style Kung Fu moves on his face. “Good you’re open. Can I have 8 McLard Burgers, 4 supersized fries, a crate of McNuggz deep fried pink sludge, and a barrel of Sugar Pop Soda?” Vomited out the unenthused plump man. Ronald felt his heart stop. The kitchen was already almost clean and this was a massive order, but the customer is always right, so, he took the order. The large man paid and sat down on two seats at a table in the store, because naturally he wanted to dine in as opposed to taking the food as takeaway.

Ronald went to the kitchen and started slaving away on the food whilst fantasizing about cramming the lard down the gentleman’s throat and causing his heart to explode, though in someway he kind of was doing that as he layered the lard on buns. Time elapsed as 5 minutes bled into 10 and the man became impatient. “Hey Mr …” then he proceed to squint at Ronald’s nametag and in an unimpressed voice continue, “Ron,er, Ronnie. Why ain’t my food done?” “I apologize, sir, it was a rather large order but I’m alm” the man interjected before Ronald could finish, “Oh excuses excuses! I want my meal free since I had to wait so long” “Well, I won’t be able to do that, as our policy does allow us time to prepare the food” Kindly retorted Ronald. Just then the man’s giant bulbous face morphed red and he looked like a giant tomato on steroids. “HOW DARE YOU!?! BLAFEGZDR!” The blob then grabbed his chest and stumbled around as he plummeted to the ground, causing magnitude level 8 earthquakes in China from the thud.

Ronald exhaled a sigh of relief, as he looked down at that very moment and noticed that the man had signed the waiver that was laid out upon the counter. The waiver made the company not responsible in times of a heart attack. “Oh Thank God! I didn’t want to deal with that fat fuck.” He exclaimed to himself as he picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1. “Yeah, Hey, It’s Ronald again. Yup. Yup. We got another one. He just dropped before he even got the food this time haha. Can you send a truck out to get him? Great! Thanks” Then he hung up the phone with the dispatch officer and proceed to finishing his nightly duties.



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