30 Day Writing Challenge: Part halfway to 30

Hey hey,

Ain’t nobody got time for an introduction. Let’s do this

If you’d wanna join along you can so here at: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 15 — Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime.


The quirky balding elderly man just came home from his long day of bird watching out in the park, or more so bird squinting. This older gentlemen was very much so nearsighted and had a difficult time seeing in general. He was also very stubborn and refused to wear glasses.
He opened the door and immediately slipped on some red fluid on the ground, “Ooooh I must’ve stepped in a puddle” exclaimed the old man as he caught himself from completely collapsing on the floor. He proceeded to track the red substance, that he was really unable to see, all across his carpet. Upon arriving to the kitchen he continued to slide around on his tile floor. “I don’t know what is on my shoes” he stated as he bent over to just take off his shoes. In the process of removing his shoes he smeared the red fluid all over his hand, however, due to his poor eyesight he seemed to not really notice and proceeded with his current endeavor.

He was very hungry as eating had eluded him all day. Bird squinting is very cumbersome and consuming and, in a blurry haze, he forgot to eat. He continued in the kitchen to grab all of the required ingredients for an easy to make sandwich. His intent was to make a PB & J, however, being stubborn and nearly blind caused him to instead grab a jar of mayo, ketchup, and his previously worn red covered loafers (Which were bread-like soft). He then spread the mayo and ketchup upon the bottoms of his shoes mistaking it for bread. In the process of spreading he ending up getting the red fluid that was on his hand all over the hilt of the knife that was being used to spread the, “Peanut butter and Jelly” or so he thought.

He then took a big bite out of his food concoction, “Oh Gosh! What is this?!?” he yelled as he started spitting part of his shoe on the floor. The massive bite caused the red on the shoe, mixed with the ketchup to go all over his face. JUST THEN…. Police kicked in his door!

“We had reports of screaming going on from this place about 20 minutes ago and no one was answering the door!” Loudly exclaimed the officer. “Oh God! That’s him! That’s the child that’s been missing!” Commented the officer as it’s revealed there’s a body laying right on the floor in front of the door way. He followed the trailer of red foot prints to the kitchen to find the elderly gentlemen with a knife in hand and blood on his face. “Get down you sick fuck! Oh God! Were you eating the child?!?”

“What is going on? I just just got home and who are…” were the last words the old man said as the cop tackled him to the ground and pinned his hands behind his back. In the process of handcuffing him the cop pulled the wallet out of the old man’s back pocket to identify him. He scanned the ID and looked down.

“You have the right to remain silent, Mr. Magoo”




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