30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 14


Another day, another blog. Let’s do this.


As always if you’d like to write along you can so here: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 14 —Elvis still gets 100 Valentines each year.  Tell about one of the people who sent one.


The lady rolled out of bed pushing aside her, Disney’s “Stitch” doll at the crack of dawn. Today was the day. Her favorite day. It was the day she let the love of her life know how important he is to her. It was Valentine’s day!

She kissed her, “Stitch” doll as she whispered, “Ohana” as she proceeded to start her day. Presley (Her birth name was Leslie, but she legally changed it) was in her late 40’s, single, slightly overweight, and absurdly lonely, but today was the day. She just bought a book from, “Ebay” claiming to be the Necronomicon. This would surely have a spell to bring back her obsession. Today, on the day of love, she was going to resurrect the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Presley had been prepping for weeks gathering ingredients and cramming them into a box. She worked extensively and had to blow through most of her money that was backed into her 401K to make it happen, but, alas she was about to bring back her one true love.

Presley (Leslie) grew up in a rough home. Her father used to beat her mother within the confines of the double-wide they lived in on the outskirts of Memphis. If she were to ever say anything to her father he would potentially lash out on her as well. She was troubled and lived constantly in fear. However, she had her Elvis records. There was something about hearing the vinyl scratch against the needle as the beautiful melodies from Love Letters from Elvis sang out triumphantly from her record player that soothed her. It made the horror of the nuclear family erase. She would dream of being whisked away by Elvis as she’d pretend she was Peggy Van Alden failing madly in love with Elvis. This was her peace. This was heart. Elvis was her savior.

As the Necronomicon indicated to resurrect a loved one it needed to happen on the day of the Diety of Cupid, a là, Valentine’s Day. It needed a period of time when society was more entrenched with love, as it takes strong love to will someone back to life. She carefully packaged her potion into a box, and the spell needed this very potion to be on the grounds that were most familiar to the departed. So, she same day delivered the box to the Mecca of the King in Graceland. Now came the waiting, as tears strewn down her face when she handed the box off to the courier.


The head of the Graceland Estate opened a box stating, “From Presley with love! I’ll see you soon my King” across the top. “Oh boy! Another Valentine’s Day thing” exclaimed the exhausted CEO, “We get hundreds of these a day” He opened and was immediately taken a back as an aroma struck him hard in the face. “Jesus Christ. This lady shit in this box” He was right. The box was unraveled to have gold flakes covered in human feces. “Some of these fans are psychopaths.”



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