30 Day Writing Challenge: Part ʻUmikumākolu- Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco.

Hey Hey,

There’s a blog that needs written. Let’s do this ish. Plus, I need to leave for work in like 30 minutes. So, let’s fart out another one.

Day 13 – Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco.

Photo on 5-16-17 at 9.24 AM #2

This is an interesting one, because I didn’t even know CostCo processed photos, plus I’ve only been in like one CostCo. See I feel like CostCo is like a slightly classier Wal-Mart, so I’m operating under that pretense. In Wal-Mart, if you found an envelope of pictures that were processed there, it could be all sorts of weird things. Most likely it would probably be a photo of a like weird cockfight going on in a trailer somewhere in deep south Tennessee. The chicken’s would be wearing lucha masks and in the background would be a man in a wife beater drinking a Budweiser backhanding his wife for softly asserting this is, “Illegal” while a ring of 6 dudes in trucker hats cheer on the impeding chicken fight. Presumably, the winner keeps the losing chicken to process into chicken nuggets. Therefore, with my slightly classier logic, if you found that photo at a CostCo, it would probably be the same idea, just a dog fight. It would probably just be a photo of Micheal Vick’s house, replace the chicken’s with dogs, replace the wife beater guy with Ray Rice, and replace the winner with him somehow keeping an NFL contract over chicken nuggets. That would be the photo. I’m guessing. Keep it classy America by keeping shitty human’s rich.




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