30 Day Writing Challenge: Part Nine

Hey Hey,

Today’s is gonna be extra boring, mainly because my window to actually write it is non-existent. I’m going fully on busy mode today. Which isn’t a massive deal because I skimmed ahead and looked at this writing prompt and there’s only so much you can write about with this. Especially, when I have that goldfish memory.

As always if you wanna join along you can so here: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 9 —What was your favorite childhood toy?

Photo on 5-12-17 at 7.36 AM

I wish a had something cool like a child sized ninja sword, and that I spent my childhood being trained on how to be like a badass ninja assassin but, alas, I do not. I’m kinda struggling remember any specific toy. Maybe the Nintendo 64? I specifically remember my neighbor coming over and my brother and I sitting in front of a tiny screen playing Mario Kart and Goldeneye endlessly. The answer is yes, I did play as Oddjob. I had no soul as a kid. I’ll make that jerks aim down awkwardly just to shoot midget me in that game. I remember those times quite fondly. It was either N64 or derping and exploring around outside for me during my childhood. Again, I wish I had something cooler but I was a pretty lame kid. Well, now I need to go prepare and put on clothes and be an adult today, but hey! I farted out another blog!



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