30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 6 + 1

Hey hey,

It’s another day and I just spent it flinging dough at a gourmet pizza place. Not exactly were a saw myself being at 27 years of age, but it’s a job. I’m currently over in this country on a temporary visa, meshed with a resumè that’s rather quirky makes me kind of a hard candidate to hire for a lot of companies. Stay in school kiddies, and get that degree. It makes job hunting a lot less miserable. That being said if your persistent you can make shit happen. That’s what I’m trying to do. Life is a weird thing and whilst I’m far from wealthy I’m hopeful I’ll make a rad biography. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” If play my cards right I can do both.

As always if you wanna give this deal a go you can here: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 7 —What sets you apart from the crowd?

Photo on 5-10-17 at 4.33 PM

I always hate these questions of more or less, “Why are you special?” The reality is I’m not. There’s like 7 billion something people on the floating rock out in space. There’s thousands of people who are probably just like me. So, I suppose if it was a crowd of optimist, I would poke out as the Grumpy Cat faced pessimist. If I were being kind to myself though, I seemingly have an inane ability to make people happy. I’m quirky and usually encourage people to joke and have fun. When the mood strikes me right, I’d like to think I have a decent humor.  Though judging from this paragraph I can seem like a turd in a punch bowl. Perhaps I can a bit more self aware/self deprecating than most. Which is a bit of Yin-Yang. It can make you both socially well adjusted with a dash of depression. Though I’d rather be that way. Overconfidence just feels disgusting to me, unless your the Fonz. That’s the only person who was allowed to be that way. I’d rather be a soup of humor, depression, and introspection than being a failed attempt at the Fonz. Ayyyyyyyyy


Check in tomorrow for more sad writings or weirdness!





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