30 Day Challenge: Part Ate

Hey hey,

It’s another day. I get to spend it throwing dough in a fire oven here in a few hours so I thought I would knock another blog out before I go adulting for a paycheck… Adulting sounds like I’m gonna do some shady sex stuff. It’s not that. I’m gonna make some gourmet woodfire pizza. They’re so good they’ll make you orgasm, so maybe there’s not much of a difference. I’ll type this up then go pizza prostitute for money.

As always you can type along and fart out blogs with me at this link: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge

Day 8 —Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view.

Photo on 5-11-17 at 9.19 AM

“Oh God! He’s at another Chinese Buffet overeating again. Look at him. The fat fuck is starting to sweat. Oh wait … Is he laying down in the booth? Yes, yes he is. He’s asleep. I hate that Nat Geo made us low-key follow this dude around. All he does is eat and nap in various locations” Exclaimed the clearly depressed reporter for National Geographic.




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