My Wedding Script for the Wedding I Officiated

So, yesterday I officiated my first wedding, as Father Brett or Padre Brett as they call me Mexico…Or as they will call me in Mexico, when a don a Lucha mask and preform Lucha Libre themed Mexican weddings…One day!
Anyhow, I did get ordained on one of those cheap no name church websites for like $30 and now I’m official.
But, it was a fun very Non-traditional wedding that I did for my cousin. Hell, the groom and I entered the stage to Europes 80’s classic, “The Final Countdown”… It was pretty fun!

But I did write a little script for it and I haven’t posted anything on here in awhile so I thought I would share it with my peeps.  Here it is:d4549a81-8447-41e2-bc11-b695cff1d9a0





This isn’t apart of the script but you should follow me on the Tweet machine: @BeerAndSushi_

Thanks for reading, Nerds.


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