Stay In. Eat Sushi. Drink Beer. Watch Me Him Her on Netflix.

I’m here again to try to help you weed through the copious amounts of movies on Netflix. It’s crazy that we have like every movie ever like right in front of us, but we all just use Netflix to rewatch like episode of Friends or, in my case, episodes of Psych till I fall asleep. Usually, cuddling my stuffed otter toy. Otty the Otter. He’s adorable as fuck. Don’t judge me.


I was motivated and watched some movies on there. SO! I’m here to help you on your next Netflix and chill night. Go out. Kidnap your lady or dude. Eat a fuck load of sushi till it hurts to move. Grab some dranks. Then check out, “Me Him Her”

me-him-her-poster-1Okay, so I cheated slightly with this one. I didn’t just like scour Netflix and watch a million hours of garbage movies just to find this gem. I actually bought this one on iTunes when it came out like many moons ago (I’m hoping to make Native American slang mainstream. Because I enjoy things sounding weird) and I bought it because I’m a total fangirl over Max Landis (He’s the writer of Chronicle, American Ultra, and Mr. Right. Plus, he has about another million movies/comics/TV shows coming out this and next year). Which you should all just YouTube Max Landis. He’s absurdly interesting and quirky. He makes you wanna quit everything and just write movies. The point is, he actually wrote this movie and this is his first time directing. Spoiler: It’s a lot of fun. Now his other endeavors are all crazy action movies with super fun dialogue. This movie has no action. But, he compensates with really quirky, fun and engaging dialogue to suck you in. Now it’s not perfect. It does have some acting that doesn’t work and certain gags within the film don’t land perfectly, but overall, it’s such an interesting movie it’s worth watching. Annnnd it’s on Netflix now.

So, what’s this movie about, Brett? Chill the eff out dear reader. I’ll tell you.

It tackles the big issue that is plaguing all of us 20 somethings. Who the fuck are we and what are we doing? It’s all about identity. It deals with the main character coming out as gay and his best friend who struggles with depression as he hooks up and falls for a girl who is a lesbian who is finding out she might be bi. Now, I know it sounds like the Oscars statue just jizzed everywhere from that description, but it’s not an Oscar bait circle jerk flick. So no worries. You won’t have to be bored for like 8 hours and have to pretend like you liked it to seem like your deep and better than others. This one is actually fun. And only like 90 minutes or so. Let’s put it this way. It explores those identity themes through the scope someone getting kidnap with a banana stuffed animal, sex in space, Henry Winkler, random sword fights with a lesbian who looks like Ursula, giant penis monsters and Haley Joel Osment on a fuck load of drugs saying swear words. That right. The little kid from, The Sixth Sense has a beard now. And a headband. And says the word, “fuck.” It’s super weird. Anyhow, overall the movie isn’t perfect, but it’s really unique and quirky. I’m team quirky. So, I promise you and your other half will totally have a good time with this movie….So, get fat. Cuddle up and Have fun with, “Me Him Her”


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Rock on, nerds … Oh yeah here’s a trailer for this: Me Him Her


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