3 random movies that you should probably watch or not…I don’t care it’s up to you. You do you, boo, you do you

Over the past few months I’ve been watching a bunch of weird random movies. I have way more than 3 to suggest, but it took me forever to get unlazy and write up about these. However, I do have about 10 kind of ‘Hidden Gem’ movies. So, if anyone digs this list I’ll slam a bunch of coffee into my face hole and pump out another list. Because I’ve fallen in love with some of these movies. I’ll start you off with some kinda less weird movies and I’ll ease you into the weirder ones I love on later list. (Because if you take the time to watch these you’ll want to find me on the street and have be throw more list at you, so you too can not leave your house and binge watch shiz all day!)


Murder Of A Cat: 

I’m a fan of quirky movies where multiple tones are karate kicking you in the face. This movie is saturated in that. It’s part comedy, part mystery, part romance, and it has some dramatic elements. It’s a melting pot of a quirky movie. Now that being said, its downfall is that it never excels in any particular tone, but it’s more than serviceable and the premise is fun enough that it kinda works. The central premise is that Fran Kranz and his dope ass bowl cut is obsessed with his pet cat. So, already if you’re a crazy cat person, you’ll have a cinema boner already and be able to relate. Fran Kranz (The stoner from Cabin In The Woods, which if you don’t like that movie you fail at life. Which he essentially plays the same guy except with 100% more crazy cat lover infused into him) awakes to find that his cat has been murdered outside of his house with a crossbow. Thus, a big whodunit murder mystery unfolds and evolves into a more grandiose crazy plot. Also, this movie has J.K Simmons as a prominent charcter. He can do know wrong. Wi-Fives JK Simmons. Knows JK wouldn’t wi-five me back. I have to accept that I’m awkwardly swatting my hand in the air alone in my cave of a bedroom. I’m sad. Eats Pizza and cries*

It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s definitely a lot of fun, has some laughs, it’s certainly engaging, the chick with tattoos in it is absurdly gorgeous, relatable if you’re a weird socially awkward person in a weird way, and it’s absolutely worth watching.

Murder of a Cat trailer!




This movie makes stealing your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s Netflix extra worth it. I’m a sucker for horror movies but I’ve found most films in this genre to be kind of riddled with more jump scares and minimal on tension. Tension and slow build are everything when creating horror. This movie creates tension like a mother fucker. It’s a home invasion movie which I think are the epitome of creepy. It’s something that could actually happen to anyone of us which makes the connection seem real. This movie, however, has a very interesting spin on it. The protagonist is deaf and mute which makes for a really fascinating experience when she is never fully capable of knowing how close the killer is to her. The director likes to play with that theme by eliminating much sound from this movie. Most of this movie has zero musical score and is nothing but silence and natural sound. That play on sound breaks most movie motifs everyone is used to thus causes you to be more engaged and focused because it’s out of the norm. Furthermore, I’m a fan of anyone who can take a movie, set it in one location, and somehow still make it feel intense. This movie entirely takes place in one setting, the protagonist’s house out in the woods which makes think, “Fuck ever living out in the woods. Nothing good ever happens out there. It’s nothing but serial killers and Dick Chaney hunting (Go in a time machine. This joke would’ve killed like 10 years ago)” The last notable thing in this is the guy who plays the antagonist kills it, literally! He’s super creepy and of course wears a mask, because you got to have some clichés in your flick. Overall, this movie excellently builds tension, is masterfully shot, creeps you the eff out (Especially the damn scene with the door which will make you cringe), has a unique take on a genre and spins on it’s head, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s on Netflix. Lock your doors. Spoon your partner (Which is usually a pizza for me) and ruin sleep for yourself that night by checking this out.

Hush Trailer Right Hurrr


The Fundamentals Of Caring:

So, I totally stumbled across this Netflix by accident. It was the featured Netflix exclusive and I was like, “Holy damn, is that Paul Rudd?” from the picture they were advertising it with. I’m not gay, but it’s Paul Rudd. I’d do gay stuff with him just out of respect. I love me some Rudd. Anyhow, I went into this movie blind and absolutely loved it. It definitely has that kind of Indie Drama-Comedy vibe, where it’s kind of reliant more on it’s dialogue for humor beats and not necessarily situational like a lot of main stream comedies. I’m an absolute sucker for witty dialogue and fun conversations in movies and this movie is loaded with that. The movie follows Paul Rudd as he becomes a caregiver for a kid with Muscular Dystrophy. However, the kid is a totally smartass and I don’t know the actor is that plays him, but he’s awesome. Him and Paul Rudd play off of each other really well. They both essentially quip smartass comments back and forth as they learn and develop a relationship with each other. The plot is pretty much a standard kind of Hallmark movie through line. Paul Rudd and this kid go on a road trip to fulfill this kid’s dream of seeing a bunch of quirky roadside attractions across the states. You can probably guess exactly what’s going to happen throughout the movie as it’s predictable, however, it’s a lot of fun. The movie just made me smile and feel good all throughout. Plus, it has the most epic pissing scene ever filmed. Yes, you read that sentence right. Don’t believe me? Watch it and find out. You’ll thank me.

The Fundamentals Of Caring trailer



So, stop reading this you nerd. Go make spoons with your loved ones and make fun of me below in the comments. Or be productive and tell me what you think of these movies!


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