My attempt at being a hipster Doogie Howser

In a sense that, at the end of every episode he would sit down in front of his little shitty blue screen old as fuck computer and little baby Neil Patrick Harris would write about his day and what not. I acknowledge that’s an obscure reference but I stand by it. Also, how did we not know he was gay when he blatantly wrote in a diary in an era that that was perceived as super homo-like? Though, that being said, I’m totally doing the same thing, so I’m not sure what that says about me… I suppose I’ll keep that mystery. Keep you all up night wondering, “Is that beautiful pale man gay or straight? I hope he’s straight because he’s quirky, pale, and has a dad bod! That’s what I look for in a man” (Note: I’m assuming only female Zoey Deschanel clones read this blog, because the adorkable thing works for me,so that’s who I’m assuming the perspective is from. Really it’s probably gonna be like 2 Facebook friends who read this, but I digress)

But, back to the point of this! I wanted to start this blog as an attempt to put myself into a position to write more. I’ve gotten somewhat notorious amongst my small pool of social media friends for putting smiles on their faces with my post and this is my attempt to be more long form with my venting and hopefully put smiles on a few more people’s faces who I may not be friend’s with in real life. I enjoy taking my daily frustrations and day-to-day struggles and trying to find a spin on them to make it more entertaining or less depressing, because, I assure you, my life is like a big dumb lifetime channel movie with even worst actors and, I don’t know, probably written by the same guy who wrote the Sharknado movies. So, it’s kinda weird and full of dumb attempts at romance. Come along with me as I, Doogie Howser style, diary up my weird life and hopefully we can have some fun and what not.

Or not.

Maybe I’ll just go through a dark spell and just write emo poetry or something. I really have no idea. I can say I want to attempt to write about something, at least, once a week. So, let’s do this. Come along and make sure to leave me comments and insult me harshly below.

Stay Rad Everyone!



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